Unleash the power of your consumers

Thousands of consumers are already out there ready to support their favorite brands’ marketing activities. Use these hidden powers – for example to generate awareness for products via Word-of-Mouth/Online Buzz, to stimulate Social Content, or to help develop new products through Co-Creation. Let us show you how you can turn your consumers into a team of enthusiastic co-marketers.

Instant market leader in Fairtrade chocolate

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Securing the Future of the Internet: How Collaborative Marketing can Help

Ad blocking technology is at the forefront of many marketers minds and understandably so; the number of users who block online adverts (via browser extensions, or other tools) grew by 82% in the year up to June 2015.

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Nielsen study - Global Trust in Advertising 2015

Nielsen’s 2015’s edition of "Global Trust in Advertising" study including new, Europe-specific figures is out.

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Drive sales

Yves Rocher sought to generate awareness for their new anti-aging line Yves Rocher Elixir 7.9 and to inspire more customers to visit their stores. To achieve these goals, we at trnd educated a selected team of 1,500 consumers to become Yves Rocher co-marketers. This resulted in a sales uplift of 19% for Yves Rocher Elixir 7.9 as well as a sales uplift of 6% for the whole Yves Rocher portfolio over the two month campaign runtime.

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Generate shoppers

Tchibo wanted to inspire more customers to visit selected Tchibo stores. To achieve this objective we at trnd identified a team of 1,500 consumers, educated them to become Tchibo co-marketers and paired them with their local Tchibo stores. During the two month campaign, 32,541 additional store visitors were generated and sales in the selected stores increased by 6%.

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Power ecommerce

Multinational ecommerce company Zalando wanted to promote their online shop and acquire new customers in the Italian market. By activating the power of 5,000 real consumers and enabling them to become co-marketers for the brand, we helped them to achieve these objectives - as a result of the six week campaign Zalando gained 10,212 new customers.

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