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Respect Reviews or Lose Respect

Sixty-one per cent of customers read online reviews before they buy. Placing power in the views of our peers is nothing new, it’s how society has operated for millennia, so businesses shouldn’t be surprised that customer opinion holds so much weight when it comes to sales.

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Vox Pop: the future of mobile vs. ad blocking

Rebekah Mackay Miller, MD of trnd UK, expressed her opinion on mobile ad blocking in The Drum's Vox Pop on the 12th August.

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Why your next marketing collaboration should be with your customers

‘Collaborative marketing’ refers simply to the process of collaborating with others in order to market more effectively. Traditionally, this has meant collaborating with other companies or brands, however, there is growing evidence to suggest that that most rewarding marketing collaborations are actually those with consumers themselves.

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The trnd philosophy

The idea behind Collaborative Marketing is simple - consumers want to do more than just buy products, they want to actively support their favourite brands in their marketing efforts.

What is Collaborative Marketing?

In traditional marketing, the consumer’s role is simply to consume. There is no space to engage so real connections are rarely formed or investment sustained. In a truly collaborative approach companies must work with their consumers at eye level as co-marketers and involve them at all stages of the product life cycle.

Once activated, your customers will become an extremely powerful and effective marketing force to drive awareness at launch via Word-of-Mouth and Online Buzz, produce User Generated Content to enrich your Content Marketing and help develop the products of the future through Real-Life Market Research or Co-Creation. Too often this remains an untapped resource.

trnd has all of the building blocks you need to adopt a more collaborative approach to your marketing: proven, data driven campaign formats, 1.7 million consumers and the technical infrastructure.

Promoting products (Word of Mouth)

5,000 consumers spread the word about the new Pantene Pro-V.

We identified 5,000 consumers from the Pantene target group and trained them as Pantene brand ambassadors. By spreading the word amongst their friends, the ambassadors initiated a million conversations, recommendations and tips in the appropriate target group.

"On the basis of our positive experiences with trnd in our Lenor and Pantene campaigns, we will continue to use Word of Mouth marketing in the future, wherever it is suitable for a project."

Verena Bentert, Interactive Marketing Manager P&G

Collaboration on product development (co-creation)

1,000 consumers help Kühne with its product development and positioning.

Carl Kühne KG, well-known for its vinegar, mustard and delicatessen products, had developed a successful product that was only on sale in a small number of European countries. In a co-creation campaign together with 1,000 consumers we established how the product could be successful in other countries too, what it would be like to use the product in different cultural circles and what form the product communication ought to take.

“The rich insights and in-depth knowledge of consumer expectations and evaluations of our product that we gained thanks to the trnd project are extremely valuable to us. It would have been substantially more expensive to achieve the same thing using traditional research methods.”

Kirsten Trenkner, Kühne Marketing Manager

trnd technology solution

Gruner+Jahr uses its readers for collaborative marketing.

Our software solution trndsphere™ Collaborative Marketing Suite enables the publishing house Gruner+Jahr to offer and market its own collaborative marketing campaigns. More than ten thousand readers of "Brigitte", "Eltern", "essen & trinken" etc. have already been able to take part in marketing campaigns.

“Thanks to our strong media brands and our partnership with trnd AG we occupy a unique position in the German market.” 

Yunfeng Cui, Director Media Solutions at G+J Media Sales

We are proud to support these international brands and companies with trnd campaigns, communities and technology:

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