trndsphere™ Collaborative Marketing Suite

The trndsphere collaborative marketing suite is a software developed by trnd engineers and lays the foundation for around 850 trnd campaigns worldwide. You can use this software for your own CRM or your own community. It’s quick and easy to use because it’s SaaS (software as service).

The proven software for collaborative marketing

The technical foundation of more than 850 trnd campaigns worldwide is the trndsphere™ Collaborative Marketing Suite that was developed by our software engineers within the last seven years. This special software offers all the tools, algorithms and functions required for the collaborative trnd campaigns and project formats. If you want to use your own CRM database or your own community for collaborative marketing, then our software is easy to use in the form of SaaS (Software as a Service) on your own platform.

Unlock the power of your customers!

Many customers of your CRM program want to be more than just passive recipients of information. They want to help their favourite brands become better and more well-known. With our trndsphere™ software as a service solution you can quickly and simply unlock this wasted energy within your CRM or your community, and profitably integrate cooperation with your consumers into your value creation chain. This will save you costs, increase your sales and make your marketing fit for the future.

Solve your marketing problems where they arise: directly with your customers

Every marketing problem is essentially a customer problem. A sales problem is actually a “customers are buying too little” problem. An awareness problem is actually a “customers know too little” problem.

While traditional media and marketing tools can only influence these types of problems “from a distance”, with the help of the trndsphere™ software and services you can go straight to solving your marketing problems where they arise: directly with the customer and in cooperation with the customer. You can’t get more effective than that!

Just Start: It's plug-and-play!

With our trndsphere™ Collaborative Marketing Suite setting up your own Social CRM is really simple. You don’t need to invest in software development or buy any expensive servers. You can simply rent the technology you need from us at a fixed monthly price. trndsphere™ is easy to run as a plug-in to your existing CRM and community systems, and will enable you get started on collaborative marketing and Social CRM using your own customer base.

Your customers, your data, your consumer insights

When you use trndsphere™ within your own CRM or your own community, although you are renting our software, it goes without saying that the customer data and consumer insights you gain are your property and can be aggregated within your CRM. In this way you will learn which of your customers are the best brand ambassadors, what characterises these brand ambassadors and how you can work most effectively together with your customers.

Power all your "Marketing Ps"

With trndsphere™ Collaborative Marketing Suite you can support not only your activities in terms of “P for Promotion”, but all the marketing disciplines: Promotion, Product, Place, Price and People.

You can identify Connectors, Evangelists, Ambassadors. Aggregate Data. Analyze Data and find Big Data Correlations, you can Ignite Word-of-Mouth (online & Real Life) via Collaborative Marketing Campaigns, you can Drive Ratings & Reviews (own Sites) and Consumer Generated Content (Social Web). Drive SEO, you can do Market Research and Consumer Insights, Co-Creation for new Products and new Communication, Collaborative Sales for new Products and last Season Products and Drive Engagement to other Marketing Activities.

Do you want to arm your community with collaborative marketing and Social CRM?