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Consumers want to do more than just buy your products. Collaborative Marketing lets you market with your consumers, not at them – driving insights, trial, awareness and sales.

We manage online communities of over 5.5m registered members across Europe and spark meaningful conversations between brands and their customers. Together we can transform your consumers into active co-marketers who will generate awareness via Word of Mouth/Online Buzz, stimulate Social Content, or help develop new products through Co-Creation.

5 ways millennials are shaking up the alcohol market (and what your brand can do to keep up)

The way we consume alcohol is changing. For the first time in a century, 2016 saw a drop in the global sales of alcohol and this decline appears to be accelerating. The amount of young people abstaining from alcohol is at an all-time high, one in five now refrain from drinking altogether and these days, students are just as likely to go on a juice crawl as a a bar crawl. But there’s no need for the industry to panic, while 1 in 5 aren’t drinking, 4 in 5 still are and are happy to spend more on one bottle if they deem it worthwhile. As consumers’ habits change, alcohol brands need to pay attention to how the market is changing and adjust their strategy accordingly.

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5 ways to navigate even the darkest of dark social

The term dark social seems to be on every marketer’s lips these days. When reviewing content performance, there seems to be little light at the end of the tunnel in terms of tracking dark social. But, whether or not it can currently form part of your company’s data analytics, it is undoubtedly effective. At trnd, we define ‘dark social’ as conversations about a brand that are out of reach, whether this is a conversation at the dinner table or a whatsapp message between friends. Brands may not be able to control it but they can certainly access and benefit from the influence it wields. If your consumers are talking about your brand anyway then why not play a part in that? Encourage your consumers to discuss your brand with their peers in their most trusted environments. Here is how to get your brand a seat at your consumers’ dinner table:

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Paul Goodwin – Analytics Manager at IRI

At trnd, our aim is to give brands an invitation into every home, transforming consumers into an integral element of the marketing mix. But we don’t do that in a vacuum. We work with a number of fantastic external agencies in order to deliver the greatest possible results for our clients. This week, we welcome Paul Goodwin from IRI as a guest to the blog.

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koko kanu coconut rum

Our latest work

In our latest project with KOKO KANU, 2,000 lucky trndsters were given the chance to try a free bottle of KOKO KANU rum, and give their cocktails a refreshing twist this summer!

After identifying coconut lovers across the country, we asked this carefully selected group to try a bottle of KOKO KANU Jamaican rum with coconut flavour. During the product test, we asked them to leave their honest reviews and opinions about the rum, share refreshing summer cocktails with their friends, and feed back their honest thoughts to the folks over at KOKO KANU.

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Yves Rocher

Drive sales

Yves Rocher sought to generate awareness for their new anti-aging line Yves Rocher Elixir 7.9 and to inspire more customers to visit their stores. To achieve these goals, we at trnd educated a selected team of 1,500 consumers to become Yves Rocher co-marketers. This resulted in a sales uplift of 19% for Yves Rocher Elixir 7.9 as well as a sales uplift of 6% for the whole Yves Rocher portfolio over the two month campaign runtime.

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Generate shoppers

Tchibo wanted to inspire more customers to visit selected Tchibo stores. To achieve this objective we at trnd identified a team of 1,500 consumers, educated them to become Tchibo co-marketers and paired them with their local Tchibo stores. During the two month campaign, 32,541 additional store visitors were generated and sales in the selected stores increased by 6%.

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Power ecommerce

Multinational ecommerce company Zalando wanted to promote their online shop and acquire new customers in the Italian market. By activating the power of 5,000 real consumers and enabling them to become co-marketers for the brand, we helped them to achieve these objectives - as a result of the six week campaign Zalando gained 10,212 new customers.

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