5 insights about truly integrated marketing

Integrated marketing means being consistent in your marketing across all channels to make sure that consumers understand your marketing message. But understanding doesn't necessarily mean they'll embrace it, pass it on or act on it.

Integrated cogwheels

1. There’s a gap in brand storytelling

After planning a marketing campaign and investing in all the latest tech to broadcast the message brands can often only sit back and hope consumers will pick up their message and continue to talk about their brand in the real world, spreading the message as intended. But this can’t be guaranteed. There’s a gap in the line of communication between what brands are broadcasting, and what consumers are discussing peer to peer.

2. People don’t talk in marketing slogans

Advertising copy is an alien language in everyday conversations. You’d rarely hear someone describing a lipstick to their friend saying that it “moisturises with 3x the power of a lip balm”. It’s much more likely they’d talk about that night out when they had dinner and wine and the lipstick stayed put all night, so that’s why it’s great. Brands use ambitious marketing language, but consumers will talk practical benefits connected to their own experiences when discussing a product.

3. Integrated for what?

If the messaging doesn’t resonate with the consumer, it doesn’t matter how integrated it is. The carefully created story that merges beautifully across all your channels will end once you’ve hit broadcast.

4. Bridging the gap will boost conversations

Bringing consumers into the marketing process is a way to bridge the gap between brands’ marketing messages and consumers’ conversations. Brands marketing with their consumers, rather than talking at them, allows for brands to sync their messages with the language consumers use to talk about them; ultimately giving people the tools they need to spread the word further.

5. You should integrate your marketing with your consumers, not with itself.

While ambitious marketing campaigns may drive attention, what’s more likely to drive the actual purchase is a recommendation from a friend. Integrating your marketing with the people who’ll drive these recommendations is what will make your marketing truly impactful on sales.

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