5 practical ways to boost Christmas sales with Word of Mouth

Summer’s coming to an end and the count-down to Christmas is on. By now most brands will have their ATL activity locked down, but there’s still time to power that magical buzz that makes your product fly off the shelves come December.

Christmas presents

A word-of-mouth (WOM) recommendation from a trusted friend can be a massive help when it comes to making purchase decisions – not least when shopping for Christmas presents.

With the below tips your brand can tap into this to boost Christmas sales.

1. Mobilise your fans

Mobilise the people who are already buying your products and motivate them to share their love for the product with their friends (who trust their opinions), in turn influencing them to buy your brand.

Don’t worry if you don’t yet have a community in place – you can tap into ours: 2 million engaged consumers at your service!

2. Follow Berger’s STEPPS

Make sure your product and communication follow the key principles that make things ’WOM-able’, defined by Berger as STEPPS: Social currency, Triggers, Emotion, Public, Practical value and Stories. This could be giving a select group of savvy consumers some insider information about your brand that they’ll be eager to tell their friends (Social currency). Make sure there’s a useful tip in there (Practical value) and perhaps give them samples that they can hand out to friends (Triggers to talk about your brand).

3. Showcase real-life content

Consumer-generated content will add credibility to your message and will resonate with your audience because it’s created by real people – people like them. Showcase real-life consumer stories on your website, or use consumer-generated photos and claims in your Christmas ad campaign.

4. Sneak peeks for your biggest fans

Identify your most engaged consumers and give them a peek behind the scenes, or the chance to purchase before the official launch date. Let people get excited!

5. Ask for help

Use your community of consumers to [get feedback on your products]() and campaigns. Find out what they love, what they want to see more of and what encourages them to buy in the first place.

Perhaps you already have a community in place on your website, in which case maybe all you need to do is open up a dialogue with them to get the word going. For those who aren’t lucky enough to have this direct connection, trnd have access to millions of consumers, ready and willing to work and collaborate with your brand up until Christmas and beyond.

WOM is a powerful tool for driving sales – act now to make sure you’re all set for a lucrative Christmas!

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