5 reasons to invest in Branded Communities

2015 was said to be the year of branded communities. Have you still not jumped on the train? Here are 5 reasons to get on board:

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1. Because social media doesn’t deliver

It’s a known fact by now: social media isn’t the place to build meaningful engagement with people. The majority of social media posts only reaches a fraction (2%) of fans and followers and is then only shared or liked by 0.2% of those. And even clicking the 'like' button does not necessarily mean a wish to engage.

2. Because your CRM has untapped potential

By adding a social element to your CRM you can join the dots between the real people that are your customers and the many streams of data - engaging and activating existing customers to form a powerful marketing force and unlocking the full potential of your CRM.

3. Because Branded Communities deliver great returns

Engaged community members will generate word of mouth, authentic and credible content, real-life insights and tons of ideas for development for your brand. Nurtured the right way, an active community will strengthen your brand messages, increase customer loyalty, save marketing costs and ultimately drive sales.

4. Because consumers want that connection

87% of consumers want a meaningful relationship with brands. Only 17% think that brands actually deliver. It’s time we build up strategies for social relationships around websites in order to offer the connection that brands need and consumers want.

5. Because it future-proofs your marketing

Working at eye level with the people you want to buy your products will make sure you stay up to date with their expectations and needs. By encouraging their conversations, listening to their opinions and acting upon these a mutually beneficial relationship is born with which both your business and your marketing is fit for the future.

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