5 reasons to invest in WOM

Word-of-mouth marketing isn’t just a nice to have. It’s a plannable, measurable and sales-driving marketing tool. We share five facts that prove word of mouth should have a given place in your marketing plan.

offline conversation

1. Nine out of ten conversations happen offline.

It might be hard to believe in this time and age where people seem to engage more with the smartphones in their hands than with each other, but people do still talk in the real world. And these conversations have an impact on sales. A study by WOMMA found that two thirds of the conversations that result ultimately in a sale happen offline, not online.

2. You don’t need broadcast marketing to achieve reach.

In our recent Freixenet campaign we activated 1,000 people to spread the word about a new Freixenet ICE cava, reaching 26,231 people directly through conversations. They in turn spoke to another 159,983 prospective customers. That’s 186,214 people reached by credible, personal recommendations, starting with the brand only targeting 1,000.

3. WOM drives sales.

A study by WOMMA measured the impact of consumer word of mouth in six different categories, and found that online and offline consumer conversations and recommendations accounted for an average of 13% of consumer sales.

A campaign we ran for deodorant Brut resulted in incremental sales of £101k and an ROI of £4 to £1 for the Brut brand, and £21 to £1 for Unilever’s overall deodorant category.

4. WOM enhances the impact of other marketing.

Not only does WOM have a direct impact on sales, but it boosts the effectiveness of your other marketing efforts, too: WOM amplifies the effect of paid media by 15%.

5. WOM works for all products.

People want to share their experiences and offer help and support to others in the same situation. One of our most successful campaigns was one for incontience products. Equip your consumers with the right tools and support, and they will spread the word about the untalkable.

So when laying down your marketing plan, don’t dismiss WOM as just a nice to have. Done right, it could give you an incredible ROI.

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