5 steps to avoid delisting

Last year, Kingsmill lost their shelf space in Tesco. The threat of 'delisting' is real and something even established brands need to take action against. We've listed five steps brands can take to avoid being delisted, using the power of their consumers:

1. Focus on the people

In all the talk about the retail industry's segments, audiences, customers and consumers we mustn’t forget that ultimately it's people buying and using our products. Don't forget to consider what people actually want when you're looking for new ways to generate profit.

2. Create a meaningful connection

Your brand needs consumers who already know which brand they'll buy when they get to the supermarket. By engaging with them in an online community tailored to be a place where your customers can speak to, make suggestions to and be listened to by your brand, you can reinforce loyalty and nurture a meaningful relationship long before they head to the shop.

3. Invest in Word of Mouth

Empowering your customers to spread the word about your brand can have great effect on awareness, trial and sales. As 92 per cent of people trust personal recommendations over all other forms of advertising, engaged and loyal consumers recommending your brand to friends and family will create an even bigger customer base and an even stronger buying force.

4. Demonstrate demand

With the right guidance, your consumers can drive footfall into selected stores and trigger remarkable sales growth; a collaborative marketing campaign we ran for ready-meal brand Brillante à la Sartén generated a sales uplift of 28% after engaged consumers drove trials amongst their friends and family.

Nurture your customer base in a meaningful relationship, and they can show supermarkets that your brand is supported by a real, engaged buying power. And should their retailer delist your product tomorrow, they wouldn’t hesitate switching to a competitor that still stocks their favourite brand.


5. Stop second guessing

Remember that the best way to get accurate insights about your product is to ask your consumers directly. If sales are declining and the threat of delisting is getting real, work with them to solve the challenge rather than trying to second guess what they’re thinking. Keeping an ongoing dialogue with your consumers will ensure your brand stays secure on the retailers’ shelves.

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