5 tips for compelling content

Traditional digital advertising is more often than not being blocked by software built for an increasingly uninterested audience. To conquer this, brands need to step up their game to create engaging content that their customers actually want to see.

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Get help from the people you want to reach. Here are five tips for how brands can work with their customers to create compelling content:

1. Identify the everyday influencers in your category

There’s a high chance that your most engaged consumers already have an interest in the product category that your brand belongs to – whether it’s cosmetics, smartphones or home care. In fact, they are probably considered experts in their particular field by their friends and networks who seek out their expertise when faced with their own purchasing decisions. Collaborate with these everyday influencers and you can effectively push trusted recommendations about your brand and product.

2. Don’t dictate messages

Traditional advertising language is generally not how people would talk to a friend – dropping slogans and USPs just doesn’t come naturally in a peer-to-peer exchange. Let customers use their own words to describe their product experience and you’ll probably find it’s a lot more impactful. There’s a reason 77% of consumers seek out online reviews before making a purchase – other consumers’ words are compelling content.

3. Relinquish some control

Some brands are scared of what consumers might say if they are allowed to speak freely about their brand offline and online. But truth is control has always been with the customers and the conversations are happening whether brands are involved or not. Brands can choose to ignore it, or join in the chat and listen to what customers are saying.

4. Be transparent

Domino‘s Pizza Turnaround campaign is a great example of how listening to, and disclosing, critical customer feedback can pay off. Domino‘s published videos of customer critique about their pizzas, then went back to the drawing table, reworked the recipes and filmed those same customers reacting to the new pizza. The results were incredible.

5. Motivate them to talk about you

Facilitate and inspire your customers’ conversations by sharing exciting insider information with your most engaged fans. Let them have a say in that new flavour you’re planning to launch, or give them a sneak peek of your latest product update, not yet on the market. Make them feel special and they’ll be motivated by psychological factors to spread the word.

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