5 tips on how to make marketing fun

The Marketing industry has become a little too serious of late says our co-MD Rebekah Mackay Miller. Here are her top 5 tips on how inject a little fun into your strategy:

1. Celebrate your consumers’ voice

By welcoming and enabling word of mouth you’ll turn your consumers into an effective and trusted, not to mention budget friendly, communication channel. You’ll not have complete control over what they say (you never did anyway!), but you can be pretty certain that it won’t be dismissed as advertising noise or worse, blocked.

caution fun ahead

2. Make your message interesting, not advertising

People love to talk about themselves, so the key to driving word of mouth is to create product experiences that bestow a social currency worth sharing. Providing triggers, practical value or stories that ignite emotion will ensure you’re front of mind.

3. Embrace consumer generated content

Today anyone can be a copywriter, content creator or critic. Rather than investing time and energy policing this, brands should harvest the authentic and credible UGC and integrate it into their broader content strategy.

4. Co-create something wonderful

The pressure to create the next big thing is very real. The chances are the best ideas will not come from within your organisation (and that’s fine) – so make sure you bring in the experts; the people who you hope to actually buy your product.

5. Use technology as an enabler

View technology as an interface through which you can play with your consumers, nothing more nothing less. Yes, the right platform (and it’s important that it is the right platform) will enable you to interact, engage and involve your consumers in a plannable, measurable and scalable way, but it is the people on either side of that interface that make the magic happen.

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