The secret to great copy: 5 tips to make your copy work for you

Communication is key in nurturing a meaningful relationship with your consumers. Done well, marketing copy can build brand loyalty and drive action. The good news is, writing good copy doesn’t have to be hard. Here are 5 simple tips for writing effectively:

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1. Believe your own message

The only way to get your customers to believe your message is to believe it yourself. Consider the genuine benefit to what you’re saying/selling before you attempt to share this message. How would it make YOUR life better? That’s always a good place to start.

2. Do your research

Know who you’re writing for and what it is they need. Skip this step and you risk losing out on forming a lasting connection with your audience. And while we’re at it, beware of generalisations. ‘Women over 50’ don’t all think, act or look the same – take this in to consideration before you speak to them as though they were one entity.

Take the time to consider and understand your audience – they’re paying attention whether you are or not.

3. Never talk down to your customers

Long gone are the days when you could fill your advertising editorial with superlatives and have it blindly believed. Your customer is almost definitely more media savvy than you’re giving them credit for.

The customer is your best friend, she’s your sister, or wife, your husband or father. Treat your customer with respect and dignity, they’re on an equal footing to you. In fact, you almost certainly need them more than they need you.

4. The headline is king

If you’re only going to get one thing right, make it the headline. Make sure your headline is strong and people will read on. Think back to point one, why should they read this? How will it make their day better? Lead with a benefit, make them want more.

5. Your copy is important, treat it that way

All too often, copy is seen as an afterthought. Most people secretly believe that writing (and, indeed, marketing) is easy to do well – it’s not.

The truth is, writing copy takes time and energy. If you want results then creating compelling copy needs to become an important part of your business. Dedicate time and energy to getting this right; don’t just tack it on at the end. Communication with your consumers is key and the first port of call is the copy.

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