5 ways brands can avoid repeating the same old marketing

New technology and social media tools pop up daily with promises of new ways of engaging with consumers. So why are so many marketers using these new platforms to repeat the same, tired, marketing tactics – talking at people, not actually with them?

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We share five measures brands can take to avoid falling back into traditional marketing habits:

1. Facilitate word of mouth

People are already talking about your brand, so empower them to spread the word even further. Give your customers social currency (insider information and maybe samples to share) and they will want to talk about you to their friends = quality awareness for your brand.

2. Use the content your consumers generate

What better way to ensure you speak your consumers’ language than to use their own words and content? Bathroom specialist Hansgrohe collaborated with trnd to drive real-life content from consumers online and increased their social share of voice tenfold!

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3. Reinforce development with co-creation

The smartest people might not (yet) be working for you. Consult your consumers at the product development stage to bring in fresh insight from a team far larger than your own staff. Starbucks do this well with the initiative MyStarbucksIdea – over 300 ideas generated by their community have been actioned by the brand so far.

4. Understand where your true resources lie

It’s about investment, but not the financial kind. People with time, energy and emotions invested in a brand are far more likely to choose that brand over another. Your biggest resource is not capital, it’s your consumers. Invest back in them and they can do so much more than just buy your products.

5. Use marketing technology right

Technology should bridge the gap between the customer data you already have and the real people behind it, not be another channel to broadcast at people. Use tech to enable two-way, authentic interaction, at scale with your consumers and it can help power brand awareness, be a spring board for reviews, fuel consumer generated content and produce priceless insight.

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