5 ways consumers can amplify your marketing team

Not many brands can afford to employ a marketing team of 1,000 people within their own organisation. But by working with existing customers as co-marketers, that expanded marketing team of thousands can achieve things far beyond the means of traditional marketing.

Tug of war - consumers helping brand

Here are five things consumers can do to support (and maybe even outperform) your marketing team:

1. Highlight & resolve problems

Consumers can work with the brand’s development team to highlight and resolve problems with the product or service. When assessing how to improve the existing product, or what flavour sweet to launch next as a confectionery brand – who better to consult than the people you want to buy your goods?

2. Produce content

Content needs to be meaningful and relevant to cut through the noise, and since people want to hear from other people this is where your consumers could be more successful than your marketing team. What better way to ensure you speak your customers’ language, than to use their own words.

One brand that’s taken this to heart is Lidl. The food retailer has a recipe section not only on its website, but also on its community site – providing a space for their consumers to share recipes that they have tried themselves.

3. Spread the word

Happy consumers are likely to share their experience with friends. A study by Lithium, found that just 1,000 customers can generate up to 500,000 conversations about a brand. And since a personal recommendation is the most trusted form of advertising, chances are these conversations hits home better than an advertising campaign from your marketing team, no matter how creative it is.

4. Generate buzz on social media

Most people are only marginally interested in branded content in their social media feeds (if they even see the posts in the first place), but if it’s a post shared by a close friend it’s much more likely to 1) be shown high up in their feed, and 2) be deemed relevant and interesting, thus have an impact.

5. Design, create and innovate

Brands can invest millions into research and development and still fail to meet the needs of their consumers. What if it’s as simple as to just ask your customers what they want from your brand? Nurturing a branded community provides the perfect platform for co-creation with your consumers – see MyStarbucksIdea.

Leave it to the experts

No matter how hard you try, it’s unlikely that your brand’s marketing team can fully replicate the meaningful interactions happening on a peer-to-peer level between consumers. So leave that to the enthusiastic fans already talking about your brand, and focus your efforts on identifying and supporting that team of co-marketers, and facilitating and boosting their conversations.

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