Breakfast at trnd's

The morning of the 21st October was rainy and gloomy, but at The Fable Bar in central London the scent of coffee was welcoming marketers to a Collaborative Breakfast, hosted by trnd in collaboration with The Drum Network and ORConsulting.

Rebekah Mackay Miller

Rebekah Mackay Miller, MD of trnd UK, kicking off the morning by challenging the audience to scrap the word consumer and invite their loyal customers and fans as co-marketers.

Oliver Mayer, international analyst

First key speaker Oliver Mayer, international analyst at trnd, presenting case studies of what WOM can achieve for a range of different brands and sectors. Brand awareness, increased sales, product awareness and even an increase in UGC (up to 10 times in some campaigns) are just some of the benefits of adopting a collaborative approach to marketing.

Aedrian Bekker, ORConsulting

Business psychologist Aedrian Bekker from ORConsulting enlightening the attendees on the perspective of the consumer – what is it that motivates them to collaborate with brands?

Live WOM

After two insight packed seminars the event moved on to its interactive session: a mini Collaborative Marketing campaign from a consumer perspective.

Live WOM participants

Marketers stepped into the shoes of their consumers, testing prototype chocolate bars and discussing their package design and flavours.

Live WOM participants 2
Live WOM Aaron
Panel discussion trnd From left to right: Paul Mitchell, joint MD of trnd UK; Rebekah Mackay Miller,trnd UK; Jessica Baah, The Drum Magazine; Oliver Mayer, trnd; Aedrian Bekker, ORConsulting.

Wrapping up the event with a panel discussion, our experts covered the most common questions evoked when introducing Collaborative Marketing to brand managers and marketers.

Thanks to everyone who showed up on the day!

Were you not able to make it? We're more than happy to send you more information on the topics that were covered. Just drop us a line! And look out for our next event to learn more on how to market with your consumers, not at them.

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