Could a robot really do a marketer's job?

The developments in artificial intelligence are about to reshape Britain’s workforce. Oxford University researchers scored 365 professions against their chances of becoming automated over the next 20 years, and junior marketers are amongst those at risk.

Based on nine key skills required to perform a job, over three hundred occupations were investigated for their likelihood of becoming computerised in the coming decades.

Robot marketer

Junior and mid-range marketing occupations, labelled in the study as ‘marketing associate professionals’, have a 33% likelihood of being automated, whilst more senior roles such as marketing and sales directors are less at risk with only a 1% chance of their job being replaced by artificial intelligence. Telemarketers, however, might want to start looking for a new occupation as they rank top of the risk list, with an intimidating 99% chance of becoming obsolete.

But robots can’t replace the real deal

Sure, robots can tackle many tasks a lot more efficiently than us mere mortals. They can filter and analyse vast amounts of consumer data in seconds, identify underlying patterns and trends quicker than any human brain and, as if that wasn’t enough, they can do all this without a single coffee break. But technology can only take you so far. Successful brands know that marketing is all about building lasting relationships with your customers and that you need a human touch to develop a truly meaningful relationship with your consumer base. Only real people can listen to other people on a personal level and make genuine connections with them.

Real insights about your brand and products will not spring out of labs or from machines – because however intelligent they are, they’re not the ones buying and using your products. The truly invaluable insights come straight out of your consumers’ homes and experiences. Your most loyal customers are your biggest fans and they are willing to go all out for their favourite brand, so rather than bringing robots into your marketing team you should be looking to invite your consumers in! Let them, and they will rave about your brand via word of mouth, generate online reviews for your spanking new product, or provide carefully thought out and honest feedback.

The next marketing force to unleash is not a technological one to look out for in twenty years, but already exists and is just waiting to be activated – your consumers.

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