Freixenet reaches 186,214 prospective customers with trnd campaign

In summer 2016 quality Spanish wine producer Freixenet introduced their latest product development Freixenet ICE - a new way to drink cava, over ice and mint. In need of a strong activation campaign that would drive trial and awareness of the new cava, Freixenet worked with trnd and reached 186,214 prospective customers through a Collaborative Marketing campaign.


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Aiming to launch Freixenet ICE with a bang and grow their existing consumer base, Freixenet partnered with trnd to create a Collaborative Marketing campaign which encouraged trnd community members to become co-marketers for Freixenet and introduce ICE to friends and family, driving trial and awareness of the refreshing drink.

Identifying the best co-marketers

trnd worked with Freixenet to clearly define the target audience criteria. 4,643 community members applied and of the 1,000 chosen to become co-marketers 99% often drank sparkling wine, 83% tried new drinks and 100% visited new places on a regular basis.

Experiencing and sharing Freixenet ICE

trnd equipped the participants with three bottles of Freixenet ICE to share, a project handbook, an ICE booklet with info on how to pour 'the perfect serve' and research sheets to collect their friends' opinions.

Over the course of the four weeks, trnd inspired and motivated the participants through blog posts and newsletters, and supplied them with everything they needed to discover, share and trigger conversations about Freixenet ICE.

Delivering credible recommendations

Across the campaign the 1,000 participants went on to become real advocates of Freixenet and worked alongside the brand to reach 26,231 people directly, meaning that each member shared Freixenet ICE with 26 people. These people in turn spoke to an additional six people each, delivering a total offline reach of 186,214 prospective customers.

“Loved this project and loved sharing my ICE Cava with friends and family. They have been buying this since testing because it has such a good taste and it's really enjoyable. Would really advise to anyone to buy and try this drink!”

– Project participant Domodavies

From the 3,000 bottles distributed, 813,125 unique trials were generated, about 4.4 unique trials per bottle.

Of the consumers taking part in the project, the majority truly became brand advocates with 96% stating that they would recommend Freixenet ICE. In addition, 86% will definitely or probably buy the product in the future.

“As consumers in the UK are becoming more and more receptive to sparkling wine, we needed a strong activation campaign that would allow consumers to reappraise cava and try our new Freixenet ICE. By working with trnd in developing a word-of-mouth campaign, we were able to expand our existing consumer base and more importantly recruit brand advocates.”

Liza Madrigal, Marketing Director, Freixenet

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