Paul Goodwin – Analytics Manager at IRI

At trnd, our aim is to give brands an invitation into every home, transforming consumers into an integral element of the marketing mix. But we don’t do that in a vacuum. We work with a number of fantastic external agencies in order to deliver the greatest possible results for our clients. This week, we welcome Paul Goodwin from IRI as a guest to the blog.

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Hi Paul, tell us a bit about yourself and what your area of expertise is?

Hi, I’m Paul Goodwin, and I work in the Analytics team at IRI. I have been here almost 10 years now, and I now look after anything that comes into the team regarding store level data. More often than not, this is shopper marketing activity which we evaluate using test vs control methodology. This can be either in-store (FSDUs, ATMs, trolley ads etc.), or out of store such as word of mouth and roadside posters. We also evaluate things such as regional media and entire fixture changes. I work directly with manufacturers and also with agencies, each avenue has its challenges and benefits! The number of studies we complete is increasing greatly year on year, with clients becoming ever more needful for sales insights covering all aspects of their marketing spend.

What is the connection between yourself and trnd?

Funnily enough the connection came about from word of mouth! A contact of mine, who I’d worked closely with, moved to trnd UK. During the course of his introduction at HO in Munich, he was espousing on how beneficial it would be to have sales evaluations included in the trnd client reports. This led to most of the German office coming over to London to meet me and talk through how we could help trnd and trnd’s clients. We took a collaborative approach to working together, creating a custom reporting deck and working on a way of calculating and presenting return on investment (ROI) which would be consistent across Europe. I have now worked with most of the trnd European offices evaluating their campaigns, and all have been receptive and appreciated the extra insight the sales analysis brings for their clients. I love the way the sales impact backs up the belief across trnd that they are truly making a difference for their clients.

What do you think is trnd’s role within the marketing industry?

I believe consumer activation has become an increasingly powerful tool in a marketer’s arsenal. With the media landscape becoming ever more disparate, what better way of getting to the consumers that matter than by targeting them directly and encouraging them to become brand ambassadors? trnd can do this either through their clients’ CRM systems or from their extensive portfolio of potential participants ready and willing to get involved in the media mix. Whether that be sampling NPD, re-enforcing a wider brand campaign or simply re-igniting passion for the product, trnd will be there to help the client through the process. I’ve seen trnd working very closely with clients to ensure that the material which goes to the participants, and the tasks requested of them, are on-point with the brand message.

How do you think Household Activation and consumer-led marketing will develop over time?

I think it will continue to grow. Brands will know that the best form of advertising is personal recommendations from friends and family. And the best way of achieving this is to target the consumers who are going to influence others. However, as the industry grows the consumer activation agencies will need to be increasingly creative in getting the interactions which are going to cut through in this time-short age. One way of doing this will be to increase the power of the face-to-face interactions. This is going to be the best way to spread the word more effectively to Generation 2 consumers (friends of friends of the participants). The digital space is becoming ever more crowded, and it will be important for word of mouth to be at the forefront of any new innovations in this area. As Household Activation continues to grow as a marketing tool, I believe trnd will continue to be the driving force behind this across Europe.

Great! Do you have anything else to add?

It has been a pleasure working with trnd! They have embraced the fact that they can now add an extra dimension to their campaign reporting, and even though it may be very new to some of the European offices to include sales analysis, it doesn’t feel like they are doing it because head office tell them to. It really feels like they want to give their clients the best campaign results they can, and what better way of doing this than by showing how sales have increased using robust analytics!

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us Paul, we hope IRI and trnd’s partnership will be a long and fruitful one!

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