5 ways to harness the behaviour of millennials to benefit your brand

From this year, millennials (officially, those born between 1980 and 1996) will spend upwards of $200 billion dollars annually and become the largest generation on the planet. If you’re looking to future proof your marketing strategy then gaining the attention of these point-of-entry buyers should rank pretty highly on your to-do list. Here are 5 ways you can amplify the human behaviour of this demographic to drive tangible benefits to your brand.


1. Respect the individual

Millennials are a broad and diverse demographic. This means that stereotyping simply won’t wash. To effectively navigate this, brands need to get to know and then to respect the unique and individual nature of their consumer base.

2. Start the conversation

Increasing numbers of millennials expect a dialogue with the brands that they consume and it’s up to brands to make the first step. Whether this is interesting and relevant questions on your website or social media channels, or a bespoke activation campaign that allows you to communicate directly and effectively with the right people.

3. Be authentic

This generation grew up surrounded by advertising and can see through it immediately, take the recent controversy over Kendall Jenner’s ad for Pepsi co., for example. According to Nielson, the most trusted form of advertising is direct, word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family, which means if you can engage your customers to speak highly of your brand then you’re already winning.

4. Respond to criticism

More so than their parents’ generation, millennials will read numerous reviews before they make a purchase. Keep a close eye on the reviews you get and address negativity immediately. While, you’re at it, encourage positive and authentic reviews from your consumers. Consider a campaign that is specifically design to generate detailed and considered UGC.

5. Be patient

It can be easy to assume that with younger audiences, you’ll see quicker returns but, alas, this isn’t the case. Young audiences, however, do far more than make impulsive buys, they form intense brand loyalty. By targeting young people in effective ways and at the point of market entry, advertisers have the opportunity to build and cement brand relationships that last well beyond a 5-minute trip to the shops.

For more info on amplifying the human behaviour of your consumers to drive tangible benefits for your brand, get in touch.

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