Instant market leader in Fairtrade chocolate

The Change Chocolate launched as a new player in the Fairtrade market in 2012. Not only do they make delicious Swiss chocolate, but their chocolate also serves a good cause. For every five bars of chocolate sold, the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation pledge to plant a tree.

Co-marketers spreading the word

trnd proudly supported the launch of The Change Chocolate in a Collaborative Marketing campaign.

trnd co-marketers

A team of 50,000 consumers with great word-of-mouth potential were educated to become enthusiastic co-marketers for this particular chocolate and equipped with some tasty samples.

Their mission: to introduce The Change Chocolate to friends and family and inform them about the good cause of the Plant-for-the-Planet organisation.

The result: instant market leader!

During the campaign period (June/July 2012) the chocolate co-marketers generated more than 1 million conversations and huge trial of The Change Chocolate – simply via their recommendations to friends and family. In just a couple of weeks, The Change Chocolate became market leader in the Fairtrade chocolate industry in Germany. And by the end of 2014, Plant-for-the-Planet had planted more than 1,000,000 trees thanks to the sales boosted by the trnd campaign.

The change chocolate

Download the full case study to read more, or message us for a printed version in the post.

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