Introduction to Collaborative Marketing

Humans are innately collaborative – it has been essential for survival. In the marketing world, collaboration has traditionally meant brands working with other brands in order to market more effectively. But more and more companies realise that the most rewarding collaboration happens when you involve consumers themselves – marketing with your consumers, rather than at them.

Who better to get input and help from than the people you actually want to buy your products?

Luckily, consumers are very open to this idea. They no longer want to just consume, but desire a more active role in engaging with their favourite brands. There is a demand for collaboration, relationships and conversations in marketing, driven by consumers. According to Edelman’s brand share study, 87% of people want ‘more meaningful relationships’ with brands.

Adopting a collaborative approach to marketing

So, how do you meet the new demands of customers and involve them in a meaningful relationship with your brand? Stop seeing people as the end of the chain, with the only task of buying your products. Think about how you can involve them much earlier in the product life cycle and work with them to create things that they really like and want.


Give your customers social currency – something valuable to share with friends – such as product samples and some exciting insider information, and they will be more than happy to spread the word. Let them feel that their opinions are valued and show them that you are willing to learn and develop based on their feedback.

Collaborative marketing is about putting people rather than products centre stage in your marketing. The best news is that entering this field of collaborative marketing is easy, you already have the most important resource in place – your consumers. Involve them in your marketing process to future-proof your marketing and secure the survival of your brand.

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