Vox Pop: Are we over sharing services?

As an increasing number of companies build their business on peer to peer services (think Airbnb, Uber, Deliveroo) the way we receive services as consumers is changing. Collaborative consumerism looks like it's here to stay and members of The Drum Network discuss: are we oversharing?

Tricks of the marketing trade is a regular column in The Drum, inviting The Drum Network's members to offer insight and opinion on what is happening right now in the marketing industry. Our UK managing director Rebekah Mackay Miller joined the latest Vox Pop discussing collaborative consumption.

"Collaborative consumption is not a new thing," she argues. "We’re taught to share almost before we can walk and it’s our innate ability to work together as human beings, be it to find food or shelter etc. that has enabled us to survive. Knowing who to trust (another skill we learn very early on) plays a vital role in our ability to collaborate and this is where the sharing economy has excelled, as it puts choice and trust back in the hands of the consumer."

Rebekah suggests that what is really interesting for us is the lesson big brands will take from this and how they’ll respond. Read Rebekah's full comment here, and see what representatives of Yoyo Design, Chapter and Media IQ say in the matter.

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