Vox Pop: the future of mobile vs. ad blocking

Rebekah Mackay Miller, MD of trnd UK, expressed her opinion on mobile ad blocking in The Drum's Vox Pop on the 12th August.

With ad blocking software on the rise publishers risk losing a fortune in advertising revenue as more and more European audiences choose to block ads on their content hubs. The Drum Network asked a few of their members about theirs thoughts on ad blocking and how it will affect the way advertisers reach out to audiences.

Rebekah Mackay Miller, MD, trnd UK

"If people want to block your ads, you’ve got a bigger problem than ad blocking software. Advertisers need to think more creatively so people actively want to engage. If you’re serious about putting people at the heart of your campaigns, you’ll respect the fact that some of those people don’t want to see your ads, and then work out what to do about it.

Removing ad blocking software isn’t the answer. Stop trying to show people stuff they don’t want to see, and find a better way to interact. Collaborate with people, rather than marketing at them. People are generally pretty receptive to working with brands if they’re approached in the right way. Listen to what they want from you, and talk to them on their terms. This is easier than it sounds: technology and community platforms mean you can do this at scale.

We need a shift in thinking on the open web model if the ad-based model is dead. Newspapers are having to do it, the music industry’s having to do it, and publishing’s having to do it. If people want to block ads, fine. Let’s collaborate as an industry and find something that people want, to replace it. Stop flogging a dead horse, and change the terms of marketing."

Read the full Vox Pop article including opinions from representatives of RBH, Hunterlodge Advertising, Invisible Artists Sydney, Silverbean and Strawberry on The Drum.

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