What is Collaborative Marketing?

First time here and not really sure what we're all about? Let's take a look at the trnd philosophy.

Collaborative Marketing vs traditional marketing

In traditional marketing, the consumer’s role is simply to consume. Brands market at their consumers, leaving no space to engage so real connections are rarely formed or investment sustained.

In a truly collaborative approach companies work with their consumers at eye level and involve them at all stages of the product life cycle. This is marketing with your consumers as co-marketers.

Once activated, your customers will become an extremely powerful and effective marketing force to drive sales, trial and awareness at launch via Word of Mouth and Online Buzz, produce User Generated Content to enrich your content marketing and help develop the products of the future through Real-Life Market Research or Co-Creation.

Too often the full marketing potential of consumers remains an untapped resource, but trnd has all of the building blocks (proven, data-driven campaign formats, 2 million consumers and the technical infrastructure) you need to adopt a more collaborative approach to your marketing and unlock the power of your consumers!

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