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Collaborative Marketing on the rise

Gruner + Jahr acquires share in trnd.

trnd, Europe’s leading company for Collaborative Marketing, and Gruner + Jahr, one of Europe’s leading houses of content, join forces to bring marketing to the next level. With the emerging marketing discipline “Collaborative Marketing” they enable their marketing clients and advertisers to unlock the energy and passion of their consumers and use this power in the marketing mix.

MUNICH/HAMBURG, 20. May 2014 - Gruner + Jahr has acquired a 50% share in trnd. The transaction, which has yet to be approved by the anti-trust authorities, will take retroactive effect from the 1st of January 2014. Together, trnd and Gruner + Jahr will support their marketing clients and advertisers with integrated marketing concepts on a whole new level, and accompany them on their way towards the future of “collaborative value creation”.

trnd will continue to operate as an independent company with its European offices and the existing management teams.

What is collaborative marketing about? In an age of global networks, consumers want to be more than just passive buyers of products – they want to get actively involved and help their favorite brands do the marketing - e.g. to raise awareness for new products (Word of Mouth), to produce content on the social web (Social Content), or to help with product development (Co-Creation/Real-Life Market Research).

Collaborative Marketing is a win-win for both sides: consumers have fun collaborating and they can enjoy better products. And marketers save costs, build up a vast team of voluntary “marketing co-workers” and drive sales.

Since its start in 2005, trnd has spent years developing the full range of collaborative marketing building blocks which brands need, to unlock their consumers' marketing power: proven campaign formats, access to large consumer panels, and the special software required.

Torsten Wohlrab, CEO at trnd: „We are happy to have found a partner who will join us in building the future of marketing. In the past nine years, we have developed the foundations of WOM marketing and collaborative marketing and have built up the market. The partnership with Gruner + Jahr enables us to grow much more rapidly and make use of synergies while at the same time maintaining maximum flexibility as an independent company.”

Stan Sugarman, Chief Sales Officer and Chief Digital Officer at Gruner + Jahr: “By holding a 50% share in trnd, we can stepchange Gruner + Jahr's position as a key marketing partner across Europe and tap into entirely new client segments. This strengthening of our advertising business is a key element of Gruner + Jahr’s overall growth strategy. We’re now in a pole position to offer our advertisers a contemporary new component for their marketing processes and integrated communication.”

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