Co-Creation campaigns.

Turn your consumers into ‘co-workers’ while your product or communication strategy is still in development. A win-win for everyone, your customers enjoy collaborating and you know that your product will be a success before it’s launched!

Co-Created Chocolate packaging.

After a million bars of the charity chocolate "Die Gute Schokolade" had been sold, it was time to bring out a limited edition in special packaging. We won 18,455 consumers over to the idea of collaborating on the limited edition package design. Yummy!

Co-Created new flavor.

Wrigley's wanted to add a third flavour to the existing range of Extra Professional Mints flavours. Within a Word of Mouth marketing campaign the campaign participants were asked to submit their ideas for a new flavour. This was followed by a vote on the entries, and a year later the new flavour was launched onto the market.

Home placement test for new household cleaner.

The Spanish household cleaner product family KH-7 was expecting a new arrival. For this, three pre-series product versions of the forthcoming household cleaner were put to the test by as many consumers as possible in “real life”.

We put together a team of 1,000 consumers, equipped each of them with three unbranded pre-series products and collected countless experiences from them of their “real life” use. The new KH-7 cleaner was launched successfully onto the market a year later.

Which of your developments do you want to support with consumer power?