Consumer communities

Your consumers are your biggest asset - working at eye-level with them is the foundation of all collaborative marketing campaigns. At trnd we're experts at finding, selecting and empowering the right consumers to meet your objectives.

The largest panels

Europe's largest panels

We host the biggest consumer panels for WOM and Collaborative Marketing in Europe. Recruit your project teams from the trnd communities (over 2 million registered members worldwide), the communities of our partner companies (over 3.5 million members) or your own CRM population (unlimited).

Target by region

We operate across 19 European markets so whether it's a multinational roll-out or a niche campaign with a regional focus we can help you get the biggest impact exactly where you need it. Select your co-marketers by country, city or even postcode to boost activity in a particular area.


Together we'll define your co-marketers' most important sociodemographic characteristics. Select your project team members by gender, age, size of household, level of education, profession and more.


Sharpen your targeting further by including the lifestyle of your co-marketers in the selection process, for example their online presence and activity, and their interests and hobbies. Knowing their passions and where they spend their time will help ensure that they reach other people with similar interests - your future customers.

trnd Impact Scoring

Which consumers will be the most enthusiastic, drive the most activity and have the greatest market impact for your brand? In partnership with several European universities, our researchers have developed a unique data-based scoring method - trnd Impact Scoring - through which we can reliably identify the best co-marketers for your brand.

An example: 5,000 endurance athletes

To promote the new Sports Nutrition range from Dextro Energy, we recruited a team of 5,000 ambitious amateur endurance athletes (e.g. marathon runners and triathletes) and sent them to the starting line of different events, equipped with the beverage, to talk to their sporting peers.

Another example: 2,000 iPad users

For the launch of the digital edition of the newspaper Die Welt we identified a team of 2,000 iPad users corresponding with the magazine's target group. Once equipped with digital subscriptions and insider information, these co-marketers successfully spread the word amongst their friends, family and colleagues.

Who do you want in your team of co-marketers?