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Generate valuable insights into your products directly from the consumers themselves. Within just a few hours you will be able to utilise the opinions and experiences of your consumers as your decision-making basis.

Salesforce: Cloud Computing

Salesforce: Cloud Computing.

We surveyed over 20,000 consumers about their habits and wishes on the subject of “cloud computing” and “online sharing” for the online CRM company Salesforce.


GORE-TEX: what really matters when you are buying shoes?

The brand GORE-TEX wanted to find out what really matters to consumers when they are buying shoes – especially casual shoes. We asked 40,000 consumers.

Philips: men’s shaving habits

Philips: men’s shaving habits.

We carried out a survey on shaving habits in preparation for the launch of a new Philips shaver. Nearly 20,000 men revealed how they shave in the bathroom in the morning providing invaluable insights.

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