trndsphere™ Collaborative Marketing Suite

Transform your existing online CRM systems and consumer communities into highly efficient Collaborative Marketing platforms and save money, boost sales and make your business fit for the future.


A software layer for collaboration

trndsphere™ is a proven Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that is easily integrated into your CRM systems and communities, accessing previously untapped consumer data to create a powerful marketing force. Acting as an invisible layer between your consumers and CRM, trndsphere™ connects the dots between your rich data and real people – your consumers. It includes all the tools needed to run Collaborative Marketing campaigns, be it to drive word of mouth, produce content or generate insight, allowing you to utilise the full potential of your platforms and customers.


Unlock the power of your consumers

Consumers want to do more than just shop their favourite brands, they want to have a stake in them, to share feedback (and know it is valued) and spread the word far and wide. trndsphere™ enables you to harness this energy by transforming your consumers into co-marketers and profitably integrating them into your marketing activity.

 collaborative marketing

Solve your marketing challenges at the source

Collaborate at eye level with your existing customers via trndsphere™ and you'll find that they are ready and willing to help you solve a range of marketing challenges - be that to drive awareness and trial, boost sales, or generate real-life insights and ideas for product development.


Plugs into your existing systems

With trndsphere™ Collaborative Marketing Suite setting up your own community is easy. The fully customisable, technology-driven marketing sphere is conveniently rented from trnd and can either be seamlessly integrated into your CRM, website or e-commerce system or set up as a standalone platform. Our experienced teams can manage the community and run the campaigns for you, getting you started on Collaborative Marketing in no time and ensuring you get the most out of your consumers.

 consumer insights

Your customers – your data

You own all customer data collected with trndsphere™ (unlike data acquired from many social platforms). Being in constant dialogue with your consumers affords you complete visibility of their behaviour enabling smarter, more informed decision making.

Full service

From the initial set up of the community and identifying the right consumers to execution and analysis of the initiatives, trnd will manage your Collaborative Marketing campaigns from start to finish and safeguard the community for you.

Be it a Word-of-Mouth campaign to spread awareness, a Social Content campaign to stimulate UGC or Real-life Market Research and Co-Creation campaigns to generate insights for product development, we’ll tailor the campaign to your business needs. Our native-speaking community managers moderate over 70,000 online comments, 80,000 user reports and countless emails every month, around the clock, sparking authentic and natural dialogue between brand and community members to maximise the impact of each campaign.

Do you want to power your CRM with collaborative marketing?