Word-of-Mouth marketing campaigns

Have your marketing message spread by a hand-picked panel of co-marketers. As well as being accurate and effective, this is the most credible form of advertising there is.

brand ambassadors for L'Oréal Paris

2,500 co-marketers for L'Oréal Paris

L'Oréal teamed up with us at trnd to promote their Sublime Mousse hair colour range. We put together a team of 2,500 beauty-conscious co-marketers, all women whose hair colours ranged from light blonde to dark brown. We equipped them with the suitable shade of colouring mousse for themselves to try, as well as a selection of samples to share with their friends. The co-marketers distributed samples to their friends and family, generating targeted word of mouth and credible, personal recommendations.

photos persil ambassadors

Multi-level campaign for Persil Duo-Caps

To reach a large audience this campaign for Persil covered two phases: an initial phase involving over 48,000 consumers from the Persil target audience discussing the concept of the new Persil Duo-Caps in our online community, followed by a second testing phase where the 10,000 consumers with the best word-of-mouth potential were educated to become co-marketers for the brand. We equipped this project team with product samples to try and share with friends. The multi-level campaign generated wide reach and awareness, as well as intense product experiences and trial.

Saint Albray brand ambassadors

Cheese lovers as Saint Albray co-marketers

To promote Saint Albray soft cheese, we put together a team of 1,500 cheese lovers and educated them to become co-marketers during the campaign.

“It was exciting to follow the enthusiasm and creativity with which the trnd participants tested Saint Albray “mild and tangy” and “creamy”. They posted some great pictures, interesting recipe suggestions and valuable comments. We were delighted by the lively exchanges amongst the participants. We also greatly valued the quality of our cooperation with the team at trnd and their professionalism – the rollout went quickly and smoothly."

Marie-Laure Bagot, Senior Product Manager Online Bongrain.
Airwaves Strong campaign site

30,000 advocates for Airwaves Strong

For Wrigley we launched the largest Word-of-Mouth marketing campaign in Europe. We put together a team of 30,000 chewing gum fans and turned them into co-marketers for the new Airwaves Strong. Not only did this generate several million trials amongst their friends and family, but it also credibly anchored the brand message.


15,000 cat owners for Whiskas cat food

For the market launch of a new Whiskas cat food we used a team of 15,000 cat owners. Together with their cats, the participants were educated as co-marketers who then went on to enthuse other cat owners for the new Whiskas.

For which of your products can we help drive Word of Mouth?