Address niche target groups directly

Target and build awareness amongst exactly the consumer groups you want to reach - zero wastage, maximum involvement.

 target nespresso

2,500 Nespresso machine users

For the launch of the new Jacobs Momente Espresso capsules we identified 2,500 coffee lovers who were already happy owners of a Nespresso capsule machine. Equipped with the new Jacobs products these enthusiastic co-marketers drove effective word of mouth amongst their friends, family and colleagues.

 target dextro

5,000 endurance athletes

To promote the new Sports Nutrition range from Dextro Energy, we put together a team of 5,000 ambitious amateur endurance athletes (e.g. marathon runners and triathletes) and sent them to the starting line to talk to their sports colleagues at different events.

 target elmex

2,500 consumers with sensitive teeth

A team of 2,500 consumers with sensitive teeth supported the market launch of Elmex Sensitive Professional. The team of co-marketers successfully spread the word about the toothpaste amongst their friends and family with sensitive teeth.

 target minusl

1,000 consumers on a lactose-free diet

To promote three lactose-free products from MinusL we put together a team of 1,000 consumers with a lactose-free diet. These co-marketers spoke to friends, family and colleagues who they knew also were lactose intolerant, and drove quality awareness of MinusL without the wastage that comes with broad and often inefficient advertising.

 target ipad

2,000 iPad users

For the launch of the digital edition of the German newspaper Die Welt we put together a team of 2,000 iPad users corresponding with the Die Welt target group. Once the co-marketers had been equipped with digital subscriptions and background information about the magazine, they had all the tools they needed to spread the word in their personal networks.

 target john frieda

5,000 women with fine hair

For a John Frieda campaign we trained 5,000 consumers with fine hair to become co-marketers for the brand; they went on to promote the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Styling Spray, a product specifically developed for use on fine hair.

What niche target group do you want to reach with near zero wastage?