Generate content for your website and social media.

“Real” opinions from “real” people strengthen trust in your brand. With a trnd campaign you can build this trust quickly and easily.

Thousands of photos and reviews for the Swiffer website.

10,000 selected brand ambassadors generated thousands of recommendations, photos and personal reports for the Swiffer dust magnet. Procter & Gamble incorporated the highlights of these results into the Swiffer brand website, for content that is more exciting, more relevant and more credible!

Reports, photos and reviews for Compeed.

Johnson & Johnson used the trnd campaign results of 2,000 Compeed brand ambassadors for the official brand website: reports, photos and reviews from the ambassadors taking part enhanced the Compeed brand website with authentic consumer generated content.

Brand ambassador in an online customer magazine.

We ran a Word of Mouth marketing campaign with 5,000 selected ambassadors for a new Oral-B toothpaste. Procter & Gamble used the results of the campaign for its online customer magazine: brand ambassadors reported exclusively on the customer magazin website about their experiences with the new Oral-B toothpaste.

For which of your products do you want to generate credible online content?