Generate real life consumer insights.

We can provide you with an insight into the experiences of “real consumers” from “real life” – for example via in-home use tests, collaborative brainstorming or moderated online discussions.

In-home use test Philips Blue Touch.

For the market launch of the Philips BlueTouch – a device for the relief of back pain – we put together a team of 100 people who tried out the new device at home for several weeks to relieve their back pain and reported back to Philips on their experiences.

Valuable insights from thousands of consumers in just a few days.

For the further development of keosk – a platform for online magazines – we collected the opinions of tens of thousands of consumers. Within a very short time the makers of keosk had access to valuable consumer insights and were able to use these to assist them in further product development.

CeWe Color: targeted insights even before the product launch.

How well will inexperienced computer users get on with a new photo book software? To find out we put together a team of 1,000 consumers from the appropriate target group. The use of the Beta software was extensively tested, and comprehensive feedback was obtained from fellow testers who were also inexperienced in using computers.

For which of your products can we generate real life consumer insights?