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The more customers visit the Point of Sale, the better. With a trnd POS campaign you can directly ensure you get more customers to your POS.

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Tchibo: 32,541 additional store visits and 6% additional revenue

We identified 1,500 suitable consumers and trained them as Tchibo store ambassadors. Their task: to promote "their" local Tchibo store amongst their circle of friends. As a result we achieved 32,541 additional store visits, 8,407 additional purchase transactions and 6% additional revenue (in Q2/12).

Tchibo Statistics Q1/12 Q2/12

The measurement represents only the campaign period and the figures do not include any longer term loyalty effects from returning consumers. Modelling based on Tchibo’s store traffic information, and daily purchase/sales data. Model fit depends on the dependent variable between R2=86.3% and R2=92.0%.

And how many additional customers can we get into your stores?