Increase your online reach.

A trnd campaign is a fast and simple way of increasing the online visibility of your products and brands. The more reviews, opinions and media assets you collect, the greater your visibility on Google etc.

Graph that shows the increase of online touchpoints: 351 online touchpoints before the trnd campaign and 15563 online touchpoints after the trnd campaign.

trnd increases online visibility.

With a trnd campaign you can increase the online visibility of your products and brands with lasting effect. The graph* shows the number of online touchpoints for a cleaning product before and after a trnd campaign.

*Measurement by an independent social media monitoring institute.

trnd stimulates consumer reviews.

Reviews on the major online shopping companies are important for decision making. But even more important for your potential buyers are the ratings and reviews on your own brand portal or your own online shop.  During a typical trnd campaign we generated 2,560 detailed customer evaluations on the client’s website within a very short space of time.

Online reach for Philips Saeco.

In a trnd campaign for Philips Saeco, we put together a team of ambitious amateur baristas and generated online coverage including more than 90,000 brand impressions, 148 times more reports in the social Web than before the campaign, and 4,900 personal conversations and recommendations about Philips Saeco.

„We believe that it is a stronger resource when people recommend products to each other than if we simply announce that we have a good product. We have seen that this plays an important role in their decision-making process, especially with products with a higher involvement of consumers such as espresso machines.“

Jeroen Schuitemaker, Senior Marketing Director. Philips consumer lifestyle Benelux

For which of your products do you want to increase your online coverage?