Involve consumers in your product development (co-creation).

With a Co-Creation campaign you can get your consumers on board as early as the product development stage or while you are still developing your communication strategy.

1,000 consumers help Kühne with its product development and positioning.

Carl Kühne KG, well-known for its vinegar, mustard and delicatessen products, had developed a successful product that was only on sale in a small number of European countries. In a co-creation campaign together with 1,000 consumers we worked out how the product could be successful in other countries too, what it would be like to use the product in different cultural circles and what form the product communication ought to take.

“The rich insights and in-depth knowledge of consumer expectations and evaluations of our product that we gained thanks to the trnd project are extremely valuable to us. It would have been substantially more expensive to achieve the same thing using traditional research methods.”

Kirsten Trenkner, Kühne Marketing Manager

Home placement test for new household cleaner.

The Spanish household cleaner product family KH-7 was expecting a new arrival. For this, three pre-series product versions of the forthcoming household cleaner were put to the test by as many consumers as possible in “real life”.

We put together a team of 1,000 selected consumers, equipped each of them with three unbranded pre-series products and collected countless experiences from them of their “real life” use. The new KH-7 cleaner was launched successfully onto the market a year later.

Which of your developments do you want to support with consumer power?