Start your Social CRM

If you haven’t got an online customer loyalty program, you can start your own Social CRM quickly and easily with our trndsphere™ Collaborative Marketing Suite.

Stop giving your customers away!

Many companies concentrate their online dialogue with their customers on social networks such as Facebook, Xing and LinkedIn. By doing this they are giving away their own customer database to the operators of these social networks, and making themselves unnecessarily dependent on them. We can now offer you an opportunity of locating the online dialogue with your customers where it belongs: on your own website, and in your own customer database.


Simply rent the technology you need.

With our trndsphere™ Collaborative Marketing Suite, developing your own Social CRM is entirely simple. You do not need to invest in software development, nor do you have to buy expensive servers. You can easily integrate trndsphere into your website and simply rent the technology you need from us for a monthly fixed price, and gain access to technology which has been proven worldwide in more than 750 campaigns.

Work together with your customers!

With your own Social CRM system you can involve your customers in your marketing and work profitably together with them. For example, if you want your customers to promote new products (Word-of-Mouth), if you want these to be easier to find online (Social Content), or if you need suggestions for product development (Co-Creation/Real-Life Market Research).

Your customers, your data.

Even though you are renting the trndsphere™ technology from us, the customer data and consumer insights gained are your property. And that is important too, because with your own Social CRM you will learn a great deal about and from your customers.

Do you want to know how to develop your own Social CRM quickly and easily?