Turn your CRM into Social CRM

In most CRM programs the potential for using your own customers as “brand ambassadors” remains unused. With our trndsphere™ Collaborative Marketing Suite you can work together with your customers and use their responses for your marketing.

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Procter & Gamble extends its CRM

Procter & Gamble runs an international CRM program for its customers with an online platform. We extended this program to include the “Product Ambassador” program. Now P&G can actively involve its customer base via Collaborative Marketing and Word of Mouth marketing – entirely in line with the P&G motto “The consumer is the boss”.

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P&G Product Ambassador program

The technical foundation of this is our trndsphere™ Collaborative Marketing Suite, which offers a full range of opportunities for upgrading CRM customer data to become effective "product ambassadors".

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Benefits for all P&G brands

P&G now actively involves its own customer base in the marketing of all P&G brands in regular campaigns, for example to promote products via word of mouth, stimulate consumer generated content online, gather consumer insights, or to collaborate on product development.


Cross-media use of the generated content

Every “product ambassador” campaign generates not only reach and insights, but also thousands of photos, reports and reviews. P&G uses this “real life” material as content both for its online magazine and also for the printed customer magazine. And the “P&G product ambassadors” have even been used for TV campaigns.

Do you want to extent your CRM to include collaborative marketing features?