Jesteśmy dumni, że od lat możemy wspierać międzynarodowe marki dzięki naszym kampaniom, społecznościom zaangażowanych konsumentów oraz technologii. Przewiń w dół i dowiedz się, co o współpracy z trnd sądzą nasi klienci.

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Vita Cola.

Vita Cola

"We consider WOM marketing to be an extremely interesting addition to our communications mix. [...] The results were extremely positive for us. Participants, their friends and further connectors were able to initiate over 1.1 million conversations about the product. [...] The fact that nearly two-thirds of the respondents had either already purchased or planned on purchasing Vita Cola Pur after the test phase [...] suggests that WOM was a huge contributor to the success of our campaign.”*

Nicole Körner, Brand Manager Vita Cola

*LEAD digital, 08.02.2012



"Wrigley was one of the first companies in Germany to embrace word-of-mouth marketing. When launching our innovative Wrigley Extra Mints, we worked with trnd to integrate word of mouth as an element in our marketing mix for the first time. One of the reasons was to receive direct feedback from our consumers on this unique product. The campaign and our collaboration with trnd were so successful that we will be sure to book trnd's services again in the future."

Philip Soukup, Marketing Director Wrigley
CeWe Color.

CeWe Color

"In our first collaboration, trnd won us over by running a professionally managed campaign and by successfully driving sales as a result of the campaign. What is more, we received valuable and constructive feedback from our consumers. This is why we decided to do another campaign with trnd."

Thomas Grunau, Marketing Director CeWe Color


“It was exciting to follow the enthusiasm and creativity with which the trnd participants tested Saint Albray “mild and tangy” and “creamy”. They posted some great pictures, interesting recipe suggestions and valuable comments. We were delighted by the lively exchanges amongst the participants. We also greatly valued the quality of our cooperation with the team at trnd and their professionalism – the rollout went quickly and smoothly."

Marie-Laure Bagot, Senior Product Manager Online Bongrain


“The rich insights and in-depth knowledge of consumer expectations and evaluations of our product that we gained thanks to the trnd project are extremely valuable to us. It would have been substantially more expensive to achieve the same thing using traditional research methods.”

Kirsten Trenkner, Marketing Manager Kühne

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